Johan d'Almenta

Human Trapper Ranger (Switch-hitter)


Johan d’Almenta

Gender and Race: Male Human
Size: Medium
Height and Weight: 5’11", 190 lbs.
Age: 21
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class: Ranger 7 (Trapper)
Skin Colour: Tanned Bronze
Eye Colour: Black
Hair: Shoulder-length, Black
Deity: Gorum
Experience Points: 42136
Hero Points: 1

STR: 19 (+4) [16 Base] (+2 human Bonus) (+1 Level Bonus)
DEX: 14 (+2) [14 Base]
CON: 14 (+2) [14 Base]
INT: 10 (—) [10 Base]
WIS: 14 (+2) [14 Base]
CHA: 10 (—) [10 Base]

Miscellaneous Statistics
Hit Points: 64 [7 HD] [43 (Ranger 7) + 14 (7 HD x 2 Con) + 7 (7 Favoured Class)]
Armour Class: 16 [Base 10, 2 Dex, 4 Masterwork Chain shirt]
Touch: 12 [Base 10, 2 Dex]
Flat: 14 [Base 10, 4 Masterwork Chain shirt]
Armour Check Penalty: -1 [1 Masterwork Chain shirt]
Initiative: +4 [2 Dex, 2 Chance Savior trait] (+6 when underground)
Base Attack Bonus: +7/+2 [7 Ranger 7]
Combat Maneuver Bonus: +11 [7 BAB, 4 Str]
Combat Maneuver Defense: +23 [Base 10, 7 BAB, 4 Str, 2 Dex]
Grapple: +11 [7 BAB, 4 Str]
Speed (Land): 30 ft [Base 30]

Fortitude: +7 [2 Con, 5 Ranger 7]
Reflex: +7 [2 Dex, 5 Ranger 7]
Will: +4 [2 Wis, 2 Ranger 7]

Melee Attacks
+1 Keen Longsword, +12/+7, 1d8+7 (17-20/x2) [Slashing] (+1 attack roll to confirm criticals)
[4 Str, 7 BAB, 1 Enchantment bonus]
Spiked Gauntlet, +11/+6, 1d4+4 x2 [Piercing] (+1 attack roll to confirm criticals)
[4 Str, 7 BAB]
Dagger, +11/+6, 1d4+4 (19-20/x2) [Piercing or slashing] (+1 attack roll to confirm criticals)
[4 Str, 7 BAB]

Ranged Attacks
+4 Str Masterwork Composite Longbow, +10/+5, 1d8+4 x3 110 ft. [Piercing] (+1 attack roll to confirm criticals)
[2 Dex, 7 BAB, 1 Masterwork]
Dagger, +9/+4, 1d4+4, (19-20/x2), Ranged 10 ft [Piercing or slashing] (+1 attack roll to confirm criticals)
[2 Dex, 7 BAB]
Net, +9, Entangle, Ranged 10 ft
[2 Dex, 7 BAB]

Bonus Feats: Power Attack; Quick Draw; Cleave; Deadly Aim; Boon Companion [4 Ranger 7, 1 Human]
Ranger Abilities: Ranger Class Feats; Favoured Enemy: Humanoid (human) +4; Track; Wild Empathy; Trapfinding; Archery Combat Style: Rapid Shot; Endurance; Favoured Terrain (underground) +2; Hunter’s Bond; Animal Companion (wolf); 2nd Favoured Enemy (undead) +2; Ranger Traps: Snare Trap, Sleet Trap (5/day DC 14); Archery Combat Style: Manyshot; Woodland Stride
Human Abilities: Skilled; Favoured Class: Ranger (+1 HP/lvl)
Carrion Crown Traits: Chance Savior; Anatomist

Skills (* indicates Armour Check Penalty applies)
Total Skill Points: 49 [42 Ranger 7, 7 Human 7]
Languages: Common [1 Racial]

Bluff: +0 [0 Cha, 0 Rank] (+4 vs. Humanoids)
Climb*: +8 [4 Str, 1 Rank, 3 Class Skill]
Diplomacy: +7 [0 Cha, 7 Rank]
Disable Device: +17 [2 Dex, 7 Rank, 3 Class Skill, 2 Masterwork Toolkit, 3 Trapfinding bonus]
Handle Animal: +0 [0 Cha, 0 Ranks] (+4 vs. animal companion)
Knowledge (nature): +10 [0 Int, 7 Rank, 3 Class Skill]
Perception: +12 [2 Wis, 7 Rank, 3 Class Skill] (+4 vs. Humanoids) (+2 vs. Undead) (+3 vs. Traps) (+2 when underground)
Sense Motive: +7 [2 Wis, 5 Rank] (+4 vs. Humanoids)
Stealth*: +14 [2 Dex, 7 Rank, 3 Class Skill, 2 Masterwork Toolkit] (+2 when underground)
Survival: +12 [2 Wis, 7 Rank, 3 Class Skill] (+2 when Tracking) (+4 vs. Humanoids) (+2 vs. Undead) (+2 when underground)
Swim: +8 [4 Str, 1 Rank, 3 Class Skill]

Equipment Worn and Carried

+1 Keen Longsword (4 lbs) {Left Belt Sheath}
Masterwork Composite Longbow +4 Str (3 lbs) {Right Shoulder}
Quiver – 4x Common Arrows (1 lbs) {Left Shoulder}
Quiver – 4x Silver Arrows (1 lbs) {Left Shoulder}
Quiver – 4x +1 Arrows (1 lbs) {Left Shoulder}
Quiver – 5x +1 Ghost Touch Arrows (1 lbs) {Left Shoulder}
Quiver – 2x +1 Undead Bane Arrows (1 lbs) {Left Shoulder}
Spiked Gauntlet x2 (2 lbs) {Worn}
Dagger (1 lbs) {Gauntlet, Left Sheath}

Masterwork Chain shirt (25 lbs) {Worn}
Traveller’s Outfit {5 lbs) {Worn}
Belt Pouch (0.5 lbs) {Belt, Front}
Backpack (2 lbs) {Centre Back}
Masterwork Thieve’s Toolkit (2 lbs) {Tunic, concealed}
Masterwork Stealth Toolkit (Soft Boots) (1 lbs) {Worn}
Cure Light Wounds Potion x3 (0.3 lbs) {Belt Pouch}
Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds (0.1 lbs) {Belt Pouch}
Ring of the Ram (x33 Charges) (0.1 lbs) {Left Hand}

Trail Rations x6 (3 lbs) {Backpack}
Waterskin (4 lbs) {Backpack}
Sack (0.5 lbs) {Backpack}
Winter Blanket (3 lbs) {Backpack}
Bedroll (5 lbs) {Below Backpack, Strap}
100 ft. Hemp Rope (20 lbs) {Backpack}
Grapple Hook (4 lbs) {Backpack}
Bell x4 (0 lbs) {Backpack}
Flask of Holy Water (0.1 lbs) {Backpack}
Potion of Remove Disease (0.1 lbs) {Backpack}
Flint & Steel (0 lbs) {Backpack}
Masterwork Thieve’s Toolkit (2 lbs) {Backpack}
Silver Arrows x8 (1.8 lbs) {Backpack}
Quiver – x16 Common Arrows (3 lbs) {Backpack}
Crowbar (5 lbs) {Backup}
Walnut Travel Case with Superior Locks & Keys in Sealed Wax () {Backpack}
Jar of Pickled Garlic Cloves () {Backpack}
Coutier’s Outfit (6 lbs) {Backpack}
Vial of Antitoxin x2 () {Backpack}
Vial of Bladeguard x2 () {Backpack}
Dose of Bloodblock x5 () {Backpack}
Smoke Pellet x2 () {Backpack}
Smoke Stick x3 () {Backpack}
Dust of Tracelessness () {Backpack}
Silver Weapon Blanch x3 () {Backpack}
Cold Iron Weapon Blanch x3 () {Backpack}
Adamantium Weapon Blanch () {Backpack}
300gp Bottle of Fine Wine () {Backpack}
Net (6 lbs) {Below Backpack}

War Trained Light Horse
Riding Saddle
Bit & Bridle

Coin: 171pp; 1905gp; 99sp; 15cp

Animal Companion
Name: Shadow Splatterface
Animal Type: Wolf
Size: Medium

STR: 23 (+6) [13 Base] (+2 Level Bonus) (+8 7th level Ability score increase)
DEX: 15 (+2) [15 Base] (+2 Level Bonus) (-2 7th level Ability score increase)
CON: 19 (+4) [15 Base] (+4 7th level Ability score increase)
INT: 3 (-4) [2 Base] (+1 4th level Ability Score Increase)
WIS: 12 (+1) [12 Base]
CHA: 6 (-2) [6 Base]

Miscellaneous Statistics
Hit Points: 60 [6 HD] [30 (Animal Companion 7) + 24 (6 HD x 4 Con) + 6 (Toughness)]
Armour Class: 19 [Base 10, 2 Dex, 8 Natural Armour, -1 Size]
Touch: 11 [Base 10, 2 Dex, -1 Size]
Flat: 19 [Base 10, 2 Dex, 8 Natural Armour, -1 Size]
Initiative: +2 [2 Dex] (+2 when underground)
Base Attack Bonus: +4 [4 Animal Companion 7]
Combat Maneuver Bonus: +11 [4 BAB, 6 Str, 1 Size]
Combat Maneuver Defense: +23 [Base 10, 4 BAB, 6 Str, 2 Dex, -1 Size]
Grapple: +10 [4 BAB, 6 Str]
Speed (Land): 50 ft [Base 50]

Fortitude: +9 [4 Con, 5 Animal Companion 7]
Reflex: +7 [2 Dex, 5 Animal Companion 7]
Will: +5 [1 Wis, 2 Iron Will, 2 Animal Companion 7]

Melee Attacks
Bite, +10, 1d8+6 plus trip [Blundgeoning, Piercing and Slashing]
[6 Str, 4 BAB]

Bonus Feats: Iron Will; Toughness; Ability Focus (trip)
Wolf Abilities: Low-light vision; Scent; Trip
Animal Companion Abilities: Link; Evasion; Devotion

Combat Training: Attack, Come, Defend, Down, Guard, Heel (taught); Stay (bonus trick); Track (bonus trick); Seek (bonus trick)

Skills (* indicates Armour Check Penalty applies)
Total Skill Points: 6 [6 Animal Companion 7]

Perception: +7 [1 Wis, 3 Rank, 3 Class Skill] (+4 vs. Humanoids) (+2 vs. Undead) (+2 when underground)
Stealth*: +8 [2 Dex, 3 Rank, 3 Class Skill] (+2 when underground)
Survival: +1 [1 Wis] (+4 vs. Humanoids) (+2 vs. Undead) (+2 when underground)


Johan is a rugged looking human just under six feet tall, with lightly tanned skin, shoulder length straight black hair, and jet black eyes that gleam in the light. His face shows the toil from the elements, with dry skin and wrinkles that deceive his actual age. His demeanour is always carefree however he has learnt the importance of being cautious around strangers. Johan wears chain shirt armour which is half covered by a light green and grey tabbard. The armour includes steel boots, gauntlets, and helm. The helm sports several dints tainted with small pockets of rust from exposure to the wind and rain.

He fights with a two-handed greatsword that is sheathed in a crude leather scabbard across his back that leaves the pommel hanging behind his right shoulder. Four pine javelins are secured within a long quiver strapped to his left shoulder. He wears a small backpack, lightly packed, and wears simple travelling clothes beneath his armour, brown trousers and a forest-green tunic with a hood. He keeps a thin dagger in a leather sheath sown into his left gauntlet for emergencies.

Johan himself spent parts of his childhood and much of his adulthood among the forests around his home town, developing an appreciation and understanding of nature and the freedom of the open wilderness. He was chosen to begin an apprenticeship into becoming a ranger tasked with protecting the borders of the capital city. Johan was taught to be self-sufficient and physically able in any situation, whether it involves climbing, athletics or swimming. His training in combat and warfare started at an early age, fuelled by a desire to protect the beautiful and yet dangerous lands of his homeland, after witnessing the devastation that orcish and goblinoid raids left on the woodland villages. He thought it was important to remain flexible, choosing to specialise in both the sword and bow as his primary weapons.

Johan ended up in a unit of rangers which specialised in tracking down individuals crossing the borderlands as well as smugglers and others seeking to cross its borders illegally. Two winters of pursuing fugitives across the border had given Johan the instincts that would carry him well thought-out his life. It was during the harvest month, when the moon is at its fullest and known for its red tinted colour at that time of the year when a village they were travelling though was attacked. It was a group a seven orcs, with distinctive tattoos of two crossed tusks dripping blood across their chests. It was lead by a shaman with pale white eyes like that of a shark, which brought terrible magic and curses against his unit and the innocent villagers. He was lucky to survive that night, being left for dead after a hut collapsed on top of him. It was only luck a beam of wood missed him by mere inches. In the morning when he awoke he lead the remaining survivors he found scattered within the scrubs land and plains that had fled for their lives during the raid. He made a pledge to train, learn and develop his skills so one day he could return and get his revenge against that blood tusk shaman.

Johan d'Almenta

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