Mesodias Guorun

Mute, Brutish Priest of Gorum


Mesodias Guorun

Gender and Race: Male Human
Size: Medium
Height and Weight: 6’2", 197 lbs.
Age: 21
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class: Cleric 7
Skin Colour: Pale White
Eye Colour: Pale Blue
Hair: Shoulder Length, Pale Blonde
Deity: Gorum (Domains: Ferocity, Rage)
Experience Points: 42136
Hero Points: 5

STR: 20 (+5) [15 Base] (+2 Human Bonus) (+1 Level Bonus) (+2 Belt of Giant Strength)
DEX: 14 (+2) [14 Base]
CON: 15 (+2) [15 Base]
INT: 7 (-2) [7 Base]
WIS: 14 (+2) [14 Base]
CHA: 14 (+2) [14 Base]

Miscellaneous Statistics
Hit Points: 63 [7 HD] [35 (Cleric 7) + 14 (7 HD x 2 Con) + 7 (7 Favoured Class) + 7 (Toughness)]
Armour Class: 16 [Base 10, 2 Dex, 4 Masterwork Chain shirt]
Touch: 12 [Base 10, 2 Dex]
Flat: 14 [Base 10, 4 Masterwork Chain shirt]
Armour Check Penalty: 1 [1 Masterwork Chain shirt]
Initiative: +4 [2 Dex, 2 Chance Saviour trait]
Base Attack Bonus: +5 [5 Cleric 7]
Combat Maneuver Bonus: +10 [5 BAB, 5 Str]
Combat Maneuver Defense: +22 [Base 10, 5 BAB, 5 Str, 2 Dex]
Grapple: +10 [5 BAB, 5 Str]
Speed (Land): 30 ft [Base 30]

Fortitude: +8 [2 Con, 5 Cleric 7, 1 Resilient trait]
Reflex: +4 [2 Dex, 2 Cleric 7]
Will: +7 [2 Wis, 5 Cleric 7]

Melee Attacks
Greatsword, +10, 2d6+6 (19-20/x2) [Slashing]
[5 Str, 5 BAB]
+1 Heavy Mace, +11, 1d8+7 x2 [Blundgeoning]
[5 Str, 5 BAB, 1 Enchantment]
Spiked Gauntlet, +10, 1d4+4 x2 [Piercing]
[5 Str, 5 BAB]

Ranged Attacks
Masterwork Heavy Crossbow, +8, 1d10 (19-20/x2) 120 ft. [Piercing]
[2 Dex, 5 BAB, 1 Masterwork]
Javelin with prepared Ammentum, +7, 1d6+4 x2, Ranged 50 ft [Piercing]
[2 Dex, 5 BAB]
Net, +7, Entangle, 10 ft
[2 Dex, 5 BAB]

Bonus Feats: Toughness; Selective Channelling; Power Attack; Quick Channel; Channel Smite [4 Cleric 7, 1 Human 1]
Cleric Abilities: Cleric Class Feats; Aura (Chaotic); Channel Positive Energy 4d6 (5/day); Domain Powers: Destructive Smite (5/day) & Ferocious Strike (5/day); Spontaneous Casting (Cure spells); Prohibited Spells (Lawful aligned)
Human Abilities: Skilled; Favoured Class: Cleric (+1 HP)
Traits: Chance Savior; Resilient

Skills (* indicates Armour Check Penalty applies)
Total Skill Points: 14 [7 Cleric 7, 7 Human 7]
Languages: Common [1 Racial]

Knowledge (religion): +8 [-2 Int, 7 Ranks, 3 Class Skill]
Perception: +9 [2 Wis, 7 Ranks]
Stealth*: +4 [2 Dex, 0 Ranks, 2 Masterwork Toolkit]

Divine Spells
Create Water
Detect Magic

1st Level Spells: (4 + 1 Bonus + 1 Domain)/day
Protection from Evil
Protection from Evil
Shield of Faith
Shield of Faith
Shield of Faith (B)
Enlarge Person (D)

2nd Level Spells: (3 + 1 Bonus + 1 Domain)/day
Lesser Restoration
Spiritual Weapon
Spiritual Weapon
Spiritual Weapon (B)
Bull’s Strength (D)

3rd Level Spells: (2 + 1 Domain)/day
Deadly Juggernaut
Invisibility Purge (B)
Rage (D)

4th Level Spells: (1 + 1 Domain)/day
Death Ward
Inflict Critical Wounds (D)

Equipment Worn and Carried

Greatsword (8 lbs) {Right shoulder Sheath}
+1 Heavy Mace (8 lbs) {Right Shoulder}
+2 Belt of Giant Strength () {Worn}
Masterwork Heavy Crossbow (8 lbs) {Left Shoulder}
20x Crossbow Bolts (1 lbs) {Left Shoulder}
6x Silver Crossbow Bolts (1 lbs) {Left Shoulder}
Spiked Gauntlet x2 (2 lbs) {Worn}
Javelin with prepared Ammentum x4 (12 lbs) {Left Shoulder Quiver}

Masterwork Chain shirt (25 lbs) {Worn}
Traveller’s Outfit (5 lbs) {Worn}
Backpack (2 lbs) {Centre back}
Iron Holy Symbol (1 lbs) {Neck}
Chalk Board & 2 Chalk Sticks (2 lbs) {Tunic}
Spell Component Pouch (2 lbs) {Belt}
Belt Pouch (0.5 lbs) {Belt}
Masterwork Stealth Toolkit (Soft Boots) (1 lbs) {Worn}
Wand of Lessor Restoration – 7 charges {Belt Strap, Right}
Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds – 9 charges {Belt Strap, Right}
Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds x2 (0.2) {Belt Pouch}

Bedroll (5 lbs) {Backpack}
Waterskin (4 lbs) {Backpack}
Trail Ration x9 (9 lbs) {Backpack}
Flint & Steel (0 lbs) {Backpack}
Winter Blanket (3 lbs) {Backpack}
Potion of Lesser Restoration (0.1) {Backpack}
Soul Syphon (Used) {Backpack}
Bodybalm (0 lbs) {Backpack}
Crowbar (5 lbs) {Backpack}
Courtier’s Outfit () {Backpack}
Vial of Antitoxin x2 () {Backpack}
Vial of Bladeguard x3 () {Backpack}
Smoke Pellet () {Backpack}
Smoke Stick x2 () {Backpack}
Silver Weapon Blanch x2 () {Backpack}
Cold Iron Weapon Blanch x2 () {Backpack}
300gp Bottle of Fine Wine () {Backpack}
Net (6 lbs) {Below Backpack}

War Trained Light Horse
Riding Saddle
Bit & Bridle

Coin: pp; 182gp; 107sp; 15cp



A tall man, standing six foot two inches with a powerful build. He is always found to stand erect, and walks as if he were leading the head of a unit of soldiers. He has blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, and an attractive face. He wears chain shirt armour, made from thin rings of iron sewn into a long sleeved tunic. He wears a black cloak and maintains his equipment with impeccable care. His greatsword is sheathed across his back within a black leather scabbard.

Mesodias Guorun is a proud and fierce champion of Gorum, disappointed with what he saw as the foolishness and weakness of the common folk, their governments and even those within his family. He felt that civilisation was fundamentally flawed with their strict laws which helped to only limit the true potential for people to become stronger themselves.

Mesodias Guorun is a member of the Knights of Blood. They are well known for their bloodthirsty nature in battle, feared for their great strength and battle rage they wield for the glory of Gorum. Mesodias is part of the clerical division of the Knights of Blood. Their role is to support their faster barbarian brethren in melee combat rather then fulfilling the role of spiritual guidance. They excel in hand-to-hand combat and revel in the bloodlust that combat offers them. Their responsibility also extends to prevent the death of their brothers once the battle has been won. They also face the grim task of giving their brother’s quick passage into to Gorum’s realm if their wounds are beyond their divine assistance.

The fortress-monastery of Gorum is located on the fringe of the territory of several orcish tribes, an area of constant strife and warfare. Recruits are taken from the neighbouring civilised lands to prevent the threat of the orcs expanding further into the human empire. To ascertain who is worthy to join the ranks of the Knights of Blood, the adolescents take part in violent tournaments to determine those with the strength and will to serve their Lord. At the end of the gladiatorial contests, only a handful of the original aspirants will earn the honour to continue their training in the art of war. Those unworthy are healed and sent on their journey back to their homelands. Those remaining are trained in warfare within the Conclave of Blood, a stronghold of iron surrounded by weapons of the fallen and lined with the heads of their foes. Once their training is complete, they will form into a unit that will be instrumental in defending the surrounding cities from the assault by the orc tribes that have resulted in ongoing skirmishes for the past century.

Mesodias represents the embodiment of humanities strength to survive, acting as a beacon of Man’s destiny to control and dominate a world bent towards its extinction. He inspires those around him to heights of heroism as they stand tall against those who would seek to oppress them. Mesodias is a proud warrior priest, devout and unrelenting. He charges fiercely into combat with every intension of smiting his enemies, or to die trying. He’s young and eager to prove his worth and has a very distinct outlook on the world. As a warrior priest of Gorum, he favours the two-handed greatsword and metallic armour, not much else is needed.


Mesodias was born from strong stock, strengthened and built into a champion of Gorum within the Conclave of Blood on the fringe of society. His training began when he was fifteen, involving breaking down his body and soul with constant training, forcing him to fight for his survival. He was punished whenever he made mistakes and was rewarded when he excelled at his craft. His warmasters then rebuilt his body and soul, forging it within the black iron fortress into something unbreakable and eventually he was conditioned to revel in the beauty of battle for the glory of Gorum.

He excelled at melee combat, trained to sacrifice his defence of the shield in lieu of the destructive nature granted by two-handed weapons, taught to embrace his dominant nature and to show no mercy. In his quest for power, he studied under the Gorumite battle priests to call upon the might of Gorum himself. He is merciless and not opposed to grinding his enemies to dust, however he refuses to resort to poison and other underhanded tactics. He has left the fortress to test himself and prove his courage a hundred times over. He plans to one day to return to undertake the difficult and deadly ritual trials that will promote him higher in the ranks of the Knights of Blood.

Mesodias found employment with Professor Lorrimor when the job required exploring ancient ruins for relics or runes of interest to the Professor. Even though the Professor is more interested in knowledge, he understands the necessity for a cleric with experience dealing with undead when delving into areas mortals should not tread. The Professor and Mesodias were venturing deep into the half collapsed crypt of a wizard of reputation when they are attacked by a powerful necromancer who had been using the crypt’s negative energy to strengthen his magic. During the battle, the necromancer evoked a powerful curse to permanently silence the Professor to prevent him from casting his magic. Mesodias knew in that instance they were doomed without the Professors magic to defend themselves from the necromancer, so he sacrificed himself as the target for the curse. They managed to distract the necromancer long enough to withdraw with their lives, however Mesodias would never again speak. The Professor has promised to research a spell to reverse the effects of the curse to one day restore his ability to speak.

Mesodias Guorun

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