Beer & Dice

Session 5

[7:09:49 PM] SOLAR CE’NEA : "Councilman Heathman, We can assist in the following ways, I have a strong knowledge of the history of this town and the fire that plagued the prison through many discussions with the Professor. My companions and I are not invovled or associated with any of the families that lost loved ones and so we can be objective in our enquires. Concerning this particualr event we can start investigating with fresh eyes, and not have any ties to anyone in the town
[7:11:46 PM] SOLAR CE’NEA : My companions are excellent trackers and can help in trying to find where the vandels went to.
[7:12:34 PM] SOLAR CE’NEA : we would be happy to investigate with little costs and have only the interests of the town in mind. the safer the town, the safer Miss Kendra is.
[7:13:33 PM] SOLAR CE’NEA : Diplomacy 15+1=16
[7:19:52 PM] DUNGEON MASTER: Councilman Heathman listens impassively as Solar speaks.
[7:19:58 PM] DUNGEON MASTER: “In that case,” he replies, “you have Ravengro’s permission to track the malefactor as far as you are able. We have not established a reward—yet—but rest assured that when we do, you will be considered eligible to receive it.”

Session 4

[10:09:40 AM] DUNGEON MASTER: Having satisfied themselves that the house is secure, the group turns in for the night. Professor Lorrimor kept a number of comfortable guest rooms, each furnished with a quilted bed, a small desk and chair, and a wardrobe. Each room has a single iron-framed window looking out onto the windy autumn night.
[10:09:53 AM] DUNGEON MASTER: [Is there any kind of watch system going on here, or is the party content to just lock the door and sleep the whole night away in their beds?]
[10:11:32 AM] JOHAN D’ALMENTA : Johan regards his two companions before they retire for the night, “It seems we are charged with protecting these books and Kendra from harm’s way. What do you think about setting up some kind of watch during the night?”
[10:12:46 AM] SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar suggests that he can take the first or the last watch so that he can have his spells prepared for the follwoing day
[10:14:31 AM] SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar has 3 sets of caltrops, which he suggests putting in strategic antry points at night in case of a breakin
[10:17:10 AM] JOHAN D’ALMENTA : Johan looks to both Solar and Mesodias, “That’s right two spellcasters. Please excuse my ignorance. In that case I will take a slightly longer watch in the middle of the night. I’m quite accustom to this during my time in the wilderness. Wake me after a few hours and I will rouse Mesodias just before sunrise.”
[10:18:44 AM] SOLAR CE’NEA: Sleep well friend! I’ll wake you at the appointed hour.
[10:21:15 AM] SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar positions himself somewhat in the shadows of the front room with a clear view of the door and keeps an ear out for noises in the other rooms. perception 1d20+0=3
[10:25:07 AM] DUNGEON MASTER: The night passes uneventfully, with the sound of wind whistling past the door the only noise that disturbs the party’s sleep.
[10:26:20 AM] DUNGEON MASTER: The next morning dawns bright and clear, a perfect fall vision of swirling orange leaves and crows cawing in the bare trees. Kendra prepares a breakfast of oats and fried eggs, and thanks the party again for keeping her company during this difficult time.

Session 3

Solar says:
“I will miss the professors long conversations, his knowledge was great, and his abiltiy to impart it skilled, his passing leaves a large hole in my life that will never be filled.” After speaking, Solar walks over to Kendra takes her hands and kisses it and says "my deepest concolences, nothing can replace your father, but if you need assistance, I will laways be happy to assisst
Johan says:
Johan moves forward, clearing his throat as he does so. “We will miss your father dearly, he was a great man whom I respected greatly, he was also someone I trusted and called friend.”
Diplomacy check: 1d20+1 = 11
“Thank you, sir,” replies Kendra with a sniffle.
Solar says:
Ddiplomacy 1d20 +1= 19
Those gathered appear particularly moved by Solar’s speech and his gallant treatment of Kendra. He is the recpient of a number of approving nods, as the casket is covered with earth. After the ceremony is complete, Kendra approaches Johan, Mesodias, and Solar.
“There will be a small… gathering… at our house—welll, my house, now— for the reading of my father’s will. I presume that is why you are here? Either way, you are more than welcome to join us.”

Session 2

DUNGEON MASTER: Numerous small towns dot the fog-shrouded landscape of Ustalav. At first glance, these towns might all seem kindred spirits—cozy collections of quaint buildings surrounded by farmland, their skylines decorated by the steeples of Pharasmin churches or the steep rooflines of colorful taverns. Yet in Ustalav, appearances are often deceiving…
DUNGEON MASTER: Trim and attractive, Kendra Lorrimor greets you with a mixture of curiosity, sadness, and relief as you arrive with a few others at the entrance to the Restlands—the name the citizens of Ravengro have given to their local cemetery. The woman’s eyes are red and puffy and she dresses in dark, conservative clothes. On a cart nearby sits fine, black coffin decorated with leafy flower arrangements.
DUNGEON MASTER: Besides yourselves, only a small handful of villagers are attending the funeral procession—all of them looking very sombre and with few words to spare for strangers.
DUNGEON MASTER: “Thank you for being here,” Kendra says at last, when it is evident no more will arrive. “I guess no one else is coming to pay their respects to my father… with things the way they are in town these days….”

Pre-Game Discussion

Regenar: LOL
Invitation result for buddy langtondaniel : langtondaniel rejected your request.
Regenar: oops sorry didn’t mean to shout
dd.stevenson: Thats ok sometimes I too have problems controlling THE VOLUME OF MY VOICE
Regenar: lol
langtondaniel has been invited.
langtondaniel has entered the room.
dd.stevenson: Hello daniel
Regenar: hi Daniel!
Wolfgar: hey what movie did you watch?
Regenar: 3 muskerteers
Regenar: was good little romp


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