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Regenar: LOL
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Regenar: oops sorry didn’t mean to shout
dd.stevenson: Thats ok sometimes I too have problems controlling THE VOLUME OF MY VOICE
Regenar: lol
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dd.stevenson: Hello daniel
Regenar: hi Daniel!
Wolfgar: hey what movie did you watch?
Regenar: 3 muskerteers
Regenar: was good little romp
dd.stevenson: So you two are welcome to work out whatever you want for characters, and I’ll give you a freebie third npc of your choice. I’ll make it something suitably amenable to taking orders and with a creepy disablity to keep it from becoming the voice of the dm
Regenar: I was actually thinking 2 clerics ;-)
dd.stevenson: hax
Regenar: hax?
dd.stevenson: hacks
Regenar: haven’t read carrion yet (and i’ll hold off..but its all about undead isn’t it?
dd.stevenson: No, not really
dd.stevenson: The first installment has a lot of undead, but after that there are other things
Regenar: oooh…ok
Regenar: I am pretty open to ideas really if we have three characters…I wouldn’t mind strong advice to what would be useful for an ap
dd.stevenson: I’ve read the first installment in detail, but I’ve only skimmed the others thus far
Wolfgar: we definately need a cleric, i like the idea of a ranger that is well rounded (maybe even a ranger that can find traps to replace the rogue), either another front liner or a spellcaster
Regenar: How does a dwarven cleric sound?
dd.stevenson: Stay away from enchantment, don’t skimp on your perception and knowledge, and cover your bases—that’s my advice
Regenar: you have any prefereces daniel?
Wolfgar: what about a ranger (trapper archetype) as a switch-hitting trapfinding front-liner? battle cleric (rage and ferocity domains) as a front-line fighter with some healing after combat and a spellcaster (wizard or sorcerer) to buff the party and for utlilty spells.
Regenar: sounds intreguing
Regenar: battle domains? where is that from?
Wolfgar: the cleric is setup for battle. str 17, con 14, wis 14 and wis 14. dex and int are dump stats. he can rage and buff his damage with the domain powers. plus his domain spells are quite useful (enlarger person, bull’s strength)
Wolfgar: trapper ranger sacrifices casting spells at later levels for being able to detect and disable magical traps like a rogue, plus they can create a number of traps at later levels that would normally cost a lot of money and take ages to create, they can make them on the spot
Regenar: I could do the sorcerer…..sounds like the others car covered well!
Regenar: maybe a witch…but I think she would be better if there were more PCs
Wolfgar: would you consider playing a sage sorcerer to cover the knowledge side of things? its a sorcerer that replaces Cha with Int for their spellcasting. you sacrifice a familiar for heaps of skills per level and languages?
Regenar: sounds intriguing
Wolfgar: what do you think?
Regenar: looking at it…like what I see so far
Regenar: I think I like it…will try to run it through hero lab see how it turns out…..just so I understand it right….I get a all the same as arcane but get int instead of cahrisam and arcane bolt instad of arcane bond but everything else is as arcane bloodline
Regenar: I have never really played a sorcerer exceot for a support DMPC so that would be interesting
Wolfgar: yup arcane bloodline except the Bloodline Arcana ability (1 DC when spells are metamagiced) and arcane bond are replaced with arcane bolt. all the future arcane bloodline abilities are available.
Regenar: maybe an elf sorcerer…
2 int and +2 dex
Regenar: -2 to cons not good… but idea would be to stay out of battle
Regenar: am a little worried there would be a lot of night ventures…we might needs some darkvision
dd.stevenson: It washes, since you can just point buy the difference. The elf is munchkin’s choice for int based casters
Regenar: plus I think these might be useful:
Regenar: Elven Immunities: Elves are immune to magic sleep effects and get a +2 racial saving throw bonus against enchantment spells and effects.Elven Magic: Elves receive a +2 racial bonus on caster level checks made to overcome spell resistance. In addition, elves receive a +2 racial bonus on Spellcraft skill checks made to identify the properties of magic items.
Regenar: Keen Senses: Elves receive a +2 racial bonus on Perception skill checks.Weapon Familiarity: Elves are proficient with longbows (including composite longbows), longswords, rapiers, and shortbows (including composite shortbows), and treat any weapon with the word “elven” in its name as a martial weapon.
dd.stevenson: Yep, they get great class stuff
Regenar: which one you thinking of?
Regenar: the ranger or the cleric?
Wolfgar: the ranger sounds cool
Regenar: yea it does…but I already doing one so happy to leave it to you!
Regenar: that way the cleric can be the DMPC…buff, and healbot and undead crusader
Regenar: and back up of course
Regenar: Drew are we definately doing a 20 point buy?
or would 25 sound better for 2 and a bot??? no pressure just asking
Regenar: LOL sorry got carried away with the question late here and i’m getting tired
dd.stevenson: I thought about 25. The modules are written for a 15 pt buy, and each +5 on the point buy puts the party up a cr—from what I understand
dd.stevenson: If you would prefer 25 points, I doubt it would break the game—which would you guys prefer?
Regenar: Must admit I run 2 person games here at tabletops…I use 25point buy so I like it seams to fit nicely with two DMPCs at a 20point buy (I like my players to be the heros…but really its up to you!
Regenar: to mke that clearer… 2 PCs at 25pont buy and 2 DMPC at 20 point buy
Regenar: is what I run…man Ithink I ma going to need to go to bed soon
dd.stevenson: Thanks for the clarification :-)
dd.stevenson: Yeah it’s nearly bedtime
dd.stevenson: Tell you what, I’ll mull it over and get back to you in the morning
Wolfgar: i’m happy with 20 pnt buy.
Regenar: no worries…I happy either way… just determines how I do things
Regenar: so have to think of different options
Wolfgar: iwith some builds you don’t need a dump stat, with others you might need only one stat at 8 or 9 to have a few decent stats needed for the built
Regenar: if there is 2 of us …we have to be careful to not completely have a low dump stat.
Regenar: but that just requires a little finessing on our behalf :-)
Regenar: hey how do we save this chat…I want to refer back to the ideas in it
dd.stevenson: Actually, I’m just going go with 25 pts… there are some killer encounters early on, and those extra points may really smooth things out
Wolfgar: i have set AIM to record/log all chats however you can select and drag your mouse up the chat and cuyt n paste it into notepad or word
dd.stevenson: If it winds up being way too easy, well then there are easy ways to deal with that
Regenar: can easily move to a slower xp track
dd.stevenson: Go to your settings menu and then “IM Archives”
Regenar: dont let me pressure you either way…sleep on it and let us know what you think later



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