Beer & Dice

Session 11

SOLAR CE’NEA: SOlar dismisses his current dancing Lights and recasts dancing lights again and sends two of the lights towards Johan to help hm check out the stairs
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan inspects the stairwell for any traps before they venture deeper into the prison structure.
Perception check (traps): 1d20+8 = 15
DUNGEON MASTER: Johan discovers no traps. In the weird glow of Solar’s lights, numerous cobwebs and spots of mold color the walls. The steps look stable, however.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar follows behind Johan but far enough away that their combined weight is not on the same section of the stairs at the same time
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan and Mesodias caustiously make their way down the steps proceeding Solar’s dancing lights spell.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar has his Crossbow out ready for any non undead, he still remembers and feels the sting of the stirges bite.
DUNGEON MASTER: The steps creak slightly but otherwise prove to be stable as the party gingerly makes their way down to the first floor of Harrowstone Prison. At the end of the stairscase stands a rotting old door, which opens onto a 25’ long hallway. The doors at both ends of the hallway appear quite sturdy. Two doors open onto the west side of the hall, and one other door opens to the east, just a bit south of where the party now stands.

[Perception, please.]
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar Perception 1d20+1=7
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Perception check: 1d20+7 = 9
DUNGEON MASTER: Most of the doors hang rotten on their hinges—except the doors at the north and south ends of the hallway.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan peers down the hallway for any tripwires or loose steps that could trigger a trap set to prevent access to the doorways they now see.
Perception check (traps): 1d20+8 = 24
DUNGEON MASTER: Johan discovers no tripwires or other suspicious signs of traps.
SOLAR CE’NEA: After Johan has finished searching for traps, Solar sends one light North, I light South to better light what they can see
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: “Which way did you want to go? Any particular doorway that takes your fancy? I don’t think any particular door is the right choice in a place like this.”
SOLAR CE’NEA: As long as we have easy access to an exit if things get hairy, I don’t have a particular preference…
DUNGEON MASTER: The walls are stone, and while the majority of the wooden supports are rotten, it appears the building is still mostly sound. Over the last 50 years of neglect, the prison has grown quite moldy and filthy.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Perhaps one of the eastern doors?
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: “No problems with me. Let’s do this.”
DUNGEON MASTER: The door opens to reveal another flight of stairs that once led down toward what must be a lower level. Now, however, it is filled with a mess of large stone blocks and shattered timbers.

[Perception, please.]
SOLAR CE’NEA: Percpetion 1d20+1=3
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Perception check: 1d20+7 = 16
DUNGEON MASTER: Solar notices that the dancing lights are pretty, like the light in Kendra’s eyes.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar grabs some rubble and throws it at the mess just to check it isn’t an illusion and that the stairway is actually blocked
DUNGEON MASTER: The rubble appears to be genuine—the rocks clatter as they hit the stones and timbers.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan gives Solar a curious look as the spellcaster throws the rubble at the deadend blocked with debris.
SOLAR CE’NEA: I had to check it is real…Illusions are great ways to cover entrances
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: “Well I hope we don’t have to dig through this mess in order to exorcise these trapped damned spirits. Come on let’s check out another room that hopefully isn’t blocked like this one.”
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar suggests the North west doors

The door opens onto yet another hallway, this one stretching 25’ away before making a right turn to the south west. It is apparent from the lack of daylight that none of these walls border the outer wall.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Perception check (traps): 1d20+8 = 22
DUNGEON MASTER: Johan discovers no traps.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Standing at the door they just stood at, Solar sends out three of the lights, one down the hallway, one to the north and one to the southern entryways
DUNGEON MASTER: The lights illuminate the area with an eerie glow.
SOLAR CE’NEA: SOlar suggests searching systematically and suggests the northen entryway first
DUNGEON MASTER: The party has discovered the privy. Other than the distinctive stench from the cesspit outside, this room contains little of interest.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan takes a deep breath as the dancing lights illuminate the ancient cesspit. Johan does not volunteer to venture into the room, quite satisfied to stand at the doorway as they look around the room.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar says “anyone need to go? If not let continue one”
DUNGEON MASTER: The next door opens onto a 15’ square room. Several rusty iron tubs sit in this room, along with washboards, metal buckets, and heaps of moldy clothing.
DUNGEON MASTER: A tin chute exits the north wallof this room, permitting dirty water to be flushed into the cesspit behind the prison.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar sends in two of his lights to explores the corners of the room
DUNGEON MASTER: [Perception, please.]
SOLAR CE’NEA: Perception 1d20+1=19
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Perception check: 1d20+7 = 22
DUNGEON MASTER: The party notices movment with in the room. A shape struggles within the mound of clothing, as if a small child or animal were buried within.
SOLAR CE’NEA: SOalr prepars his crossbow and is ready to cast Disrupt undead at a moments notice
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: “I wasn’t going to bother checking out this room however we can’t leave something potentially dangerous get behind us. Might be nothing but theres one way to find out.”
DUNGEON MASTER: The shape continues to struggle, as if it is growing increasingly more frantic.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan quickly approaches the movement and tosses the clothing aside with the tip of his greatsword.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar suggest mesodius comes at it from one side, solar will come at it from the other side whilst Johan goes in to confront it, he waits for aggreement or another sugesstion
SOLAR CE’NEA: but as he sees johan go in he does what he suggested
DUNGEON MASTER: Johan pokes through the pile of clothing with his drawn sword. As he draws the last tangled bit of moldy cloth aside, a gray straightjacket flies to life and leaps out with its arms outstretched.
DUNGEON MASTER: [Initiative please.]
SOLAR CE’NEA: Initative 1d20+1=6
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Initiative check: 1d20+4 = 20
DUNGEON MASTER: [Initiative order:
Johan: 20
Mesodias: 15
Solar: 6
Straitjacket: 5]
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: “Stay the hell away from me!” Johan as the animated straight jacket tries to entangle him. He slashes out attempting to destroy the jacket with his greatsword.
To Hit (greatsword): 1d20+6 = 26
Confirm Critical (greatsword) = 1d20+6 = 9
Damage (greatsword): 2d6+6 = 12
DUNGEON MASTER: Johan’s attack rips through the jacket.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Mesodias steps to the other side of the straight jacket and returns a strike with his greatsword.
To Hit (greatsword): 1d20+4 = 15
Damage (greatsword): 2d6+4 = 12
DUNGEON MASTER: Mesodias likewise rips into the animated straightjacket with abandon. However, the thing is of particularily strong construction and continues to menace the heroes.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar attempts a knowledge check for both religion (6) and arcana (11) 1d20=8 to identify what sort of “thing” this is once he has established this he attacks
DUNGEON MASTER: Tapping into his knowledge of both the spiritual and the arcane, Solar deduces that this is a haunt.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar casts disrupt undead
Disrupt Undead – (Ranged Touch Attack)
1d20+3 =12
Damage 1d6=6 against undead
DUNGEON MASTER: Solar’s ray of blue light arcs toward the straightjacket. Unfortunately, at the last minute Johan steps in front of his line of attack, and the blue ray strikes the stout warrior instead of its intended target. Johan is stunned for a brief instant as the blue light engulfs him.

While he is distracted, the thing flails about as if a wild animal in a rage, then lashes out at Johan, dealing 7 damage. In the course of the attack, the arms seek to grapple him, but Johan is able to slip out of their grasp.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan retaliates with a vicious strike from his greatsword as the leather straps and metal clasps from the jacket rip at his flesh.
To Hit (greatsword): 1d20+8 = 23 (inc. flanking bonus)
Damage (greatsword): 2d6+6 = 16
DUNGEON MASTER: Johan’s attack rips the thing to tatters—it only seems to barely be holding together now.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Mesodias doesn’t hesitiate, raising his blade once more to (hopefully) finish this haunt once and for all.
To Hit (greatsword): 1d20+6 = 14 (inc. flanking bonus)
Damage (greatsword): 2d6+4 = 14
DUNGEON MASTER: Mesodias’ attack indeed finishes the thing off. It flies into shreds of gray cloth, which flutter to the floor. Everything is quiet, but for the sound of the party’s breathing.
DUNGEON MASTER: [Off Initiative.]
DUNGEON MASTER: [400 xp apiece]
DUNGEON MASTER: [Actually scratch the above xp: should be 265 xp each.]
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: “Mate could you patch me up after that thing ripped into me a little bit?” Johan asks Mesodias for some healing to stop the bleeding from the animated jacket.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Mesodias will convert Protection from Evil into Cure Light Wounds: 1d8+2 = 10
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar recasts dancing Lights and sends them around the room to investigate any other strange activities and to look for loot
SOLAR CE’NEA: Perception 1d20+1=18
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Perception check: 1d20+7 = 13
DUNGEON MASTER: Solar goes over the room thouroughly, discovering little else of note. It appears this room either neither held anything of value, or anything of value was removed long ago.
DUNGEON MASTER: The door to this room is locked; however, it appears to be quite rotten.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar says to Johan and Mecedious, whe have been fighting Haunts but haven’t yet found anything out about what has happened here, we need to be on the look out for someone or something that can tell us what is actually going on.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan kneels at the locked door and prepares his Masterwork Thieves Toolkit from his tunic.
Perception check (traps): 1d20+8 = 26
If no traps are evident he will attempt to pick the lock.
Disable Device: 1d20+10 = 21
DUNGEON MASTER: Johan discovers no traps. Quickly and quietly, he picks the lock to the door, and it swings open to reveal tangled mounds of moth-eaten fabric sitting on several wooden tables, each surrounded by workbenches. Various sewing tools— shears, needles, rolls of thread, boxes of chalk, and other objects lie scattered over the floor, while the arm of what appears to be a skeleton protrudes from a stained heap of fabric to the west.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: “I’ve been thinking about and the only thing I’ve considered would be taking the bones or remains of the prisioners back to the temple to be blessed and given proper burial rights to break the link they have with this place.”
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: “That’s strange… this door was locked and someone was inside here with a heap of sewing equipment.”
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: “Let’s check out our friend over there and see if he was one of the guards or inmates?”
SOLAR CE’NEA: Ok but walk towards it slowly, if it triggers at a certain distance lets make it the most distance we can
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar suggests that he will stay in the door way to make sure it can’t slam shut but has his cross bow and ready to cast a spell. but first he sends two of the dancing lights towards the hand
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: “That’s a good idea. We don’t want to get stuck in a room with animated sewing equipment. Did you want to hit our friend over there with one of your rays?”
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: “Just thinking about that is creepy enough. I’d rather deal with a single straight jacket then a room full of things.”
SOLAR CE’NEA: I can’t think of one of the 5 criminals that had something to do with sewing, I am feeling a little more cautious here
SOLAR CE’NEA: I don’t want to attack until we know it is evil, I want to find something I can ask questions of
DUNGEON MASTER: Rising from the mound of moldering fabric, a beautiful young woman dressed in a tattered but lovely blue dress materailizes before Johan. Much about the ghost is blue, including her hair, the tears that run from her pale blue eyes, and the clouds of smoke that drift from her lips when she speaks.

“Welcome to my tomb,” she says, softly.

  • DUNGEON MASTER sent ghostwoman.png,… *
    SOLAR CE’NEA: Hello my lady, who are you?
    SOLAR CE’NEA: Soalr has his weapon ready but tries not to be obvious about it
    JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan stands there in shock as he sees what it is floating before them. “Uh hello. I hope you are not here to harm us. We are exploring this place in hopes of removing the evil that resides here.”
    DUNGEON MASTER: “You do not know me? You must be new guards, then. I am Mrs. Hawkran.” She looks eagerly at Solar. “Have you quelled the rebellion yet? Is my husband safe?”
    JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan looks to Solar for his response.
    SOLAR CE’NEA: I do not know my lady, we are …er …new to the area, We don’t know where your husband currently is
    SOLAR CE’NEA: how did you come to be here?
    DUNGEON MASTER: “I am glad you have come,” she replies to Johan.
    DUNGEON MASTER: To Solar: “Nor do I know. He was nearby, always nearby, but now he is gone. He was guarding the prison, keeping the prisoners in. But he is gone now.”
    SOLAR CE’NEA: Madam I don’t mean to be so blunt but I need to ask the question, "do you realise you are appearing to us as a ghost? "
    DUNGEON MASTER: “Yes, I know,” she replies sadly. A blue tear falls down her cheek as she continues. “I came to be here long ago, when this place was emptied. The night of the rebellion, they locked me in this room after I… well, I was very upset about my husband, and the put me in here to keep me safe. Later the room filled with smoke, and I at last fell asleep…”
    SOLAR CE’NEA: I am sorry for the distress I am causing you, I had to make sure you were aware of your predicament
    SOLAR CE’NEA: When you say your husband was guarding the prison, do you mean he was stopping the evil undead from escaping the prison?
    SOLAR CE’NEA: We are trying to stop the undead from hurting the townsfolk, they seem to be slowly manifesting and casuing issues even death for the townsfolk. Can you helps us stop the evil that resides here?
    DUNGEON MASTER: “Yes,” she replies. “Both my Roddyn and the ones who killed him continued to roam this place after they perished. My husband kept them secured, but he is gone now.” Her voice sinks to a whisper.
    DUNGEON MASTER: “I cannot leave this room,” she replies. “But I can see everything, and I must try to keep the wicked ones locked down below. But there are many of them… so many… and I have not my husband’s strength.”
    SOLAR CE’NEA: Could you tell us how to defeat this evil?
    JOHAN D’ALMENTA: “We are truely sorry for your loss. We are here to quell the rebellion as some of the prisioners have come back so to speak. Would you know anything that would let us free this place from the taint of the prisioners trapped below?”
    SOLAR CE’NEA: aid us in any way.
    DUNGEON MASTER: “If you destroy their spirits but once, I will prevent them from taking form ever again. But to destroy them forever? I… I do not know. Perhaps if you find some token or item of my poor husband, I can use it to banish them. I do not know. But you must hurry. The evil ones… they are growing stronger. Ever since those robed… people… came and took my husband away from me…”
    SOLAR CE’NEA: We think your husband was captured in an evil ritual by a group called the Whispering way they were probably the robed ones you refer to. There were runes and markings around the prison that suggest capturing his soul. I suspect because he was clearly such a strong presence of a man to keep all this evil contained here. Can you tell us when you last felt your husbands presence?
    SOLAR CE’NEA: Where would a toekn or item of your husband likely be?
    DUNGEON MASTER: “I do not know how much time has passed…. it is hard to notice, now… but, the whispering way. It was men and women in dark robes who spoke only in whispers… they are named well. The drew those runes, yes, and then at last they took Harrowstone’s warden away…”
    DUNGEON MASTER: “I do not know,” she replies to Solar.
    SOLAR CE’NEA: My lady, I am sorry for your loss, but I pledge and I think my companions would as well, to firstly stop this evil that is here and then to try and find your husbands soul to free it from whatever foul deeds the Whispering way has bound him for!
    SOLAR CE’NEA: As such any advice on where the most powerful evil are located in this prison would be and any knowledge you have of the layout of the prison would be useful, as well as any clues to where your husband would have been so we can get you an item of his to stop this evil from rising furhter!
    DUNGEON MASTER: “There are three floors to this prison—two stories, and a basement. Most of the cells, and most of the truly wicked ones, are in the basement. But there are many things that have come to life up above, since my husband was taken away.”

“However, only five of the prisoners are too strong for me to contain here. If you can but defeat them once, I can keep them from returning ever again. If they have been defeated, I can stand guard here in my husband’s place.”

“You have defeated one of those strong spirits already. I saw it. Another spirit is with you now. The other three lurk in the dungeons below.”
SOLAR CE’NEA: My lady what do you mean One is with us now?
DUNGEON MASTER: “Ah…. you cannot see him? Then that is why you allow him to walk with you. Prepare yourselves…”
DUNGEON MASTER: [Initiative.]
SOLAR CE’NEA: Iniative 1d20+7=15
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Intiative check: 1d20+4 = 9
DUNGEON MASTER: A brief image of a hunched old man appears, his hand resting on Johan’s shoulder. Suddenly his form twists into chains, twisting and writhing around Johan’s form and forcing him to the floor.
DUNGEON MASTER: [Johan is now unconcious.]
Solar: 15
Mesodias: 12
Johan: 9]
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar immediately steps forward and casts protection from evil on Johan
SOLAR CE’NEA: Damage from Protection from evil 1d6=6
DUNGEON MASTER: The chains wrapped around Johan fade somewhat.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar yells out to Mesedious, use your protection from evil in the evil ghost it hurts him!
SOLAR CE’NEA: Mesodious moves forward and casts protection from evil on the Johan possible damage to ghost 1d6=2
DUNGEON MASTER: The chains tighten aroud Johan’s neck. He writhes in his uncioncious delerium, grasping for the chains with his hands, sucessfully weakening them somewhat.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar yells at Father Charaton, Release my friend! and then casts disrupt undead
Disrupt Undead – (Ranged Touch Attack)
1d20+3 =12
Damage 1d6=5 against undead
DUNGEON MASTER: Solar’s attack hits the chains, which are illuminated in blue light. They fade somewhat.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Mesodius chanells energy at the evil ghost 1d6=6
DUNGEON MASTER: Mesodias’ channeled energy damages the chains significantly. They are very dim and translucent now. Unfortunately, it also strikes the ghost of the grieving widow with full effect. She moans and sobs as the wave of positive energy slams into her.

Meanwhile, Johan struggles with the chains that wrap around his neck. With all his strength, he grasps them and tears them apart. They shatter and break, and the haunt evaporates from view with a sigh.

Moments later, Johan regains conciousness.
DUNGEON MASTER: [End rounds.]
DUNGEON MASTER: [535 xp each.]
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar quickly apologies to the Lady Ghost, My apologies my lady, my friend Mesodious just reacted when he saw our companion in danger, he did not mean to hurt you
DUNGEON MASTER: “I understand,” replies the ghost sadly.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan’s eye snap open as he gasps at his neck not as he struggles for breath but as he fights a battle of will for his control over his mind. He rolls to his feet as he looks around. “What happened to me? Are we still at risk?”
DUNGEON MASTER: “That was one of the prisoners here. He was a wicked man who pretended to be a priest, gaining peoples’ trust to steal from them. I do not know what he was doing to you, but you defeated him.”
SOLAR CE’NEA: I don’t think so my friend, something you did appeared to finish the ghost off
DUNGEON MASTER: “LIke the other haunt, he is now no danger to anyone—I can keep him from returning to the world of the living.”
SOLAR CE’NEA: My lady, the other 3 remaining can you tell us anything about them, particually what may add us in defeating them?
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: “Well at least that is a relief that he is gone. He had me trapped in some vile dream as if you were dead and I had just awoken after being injured for quite some time. I hate to think what would have happened if you had not broken his spell over me when you did. Thank you again my friends.”
SOLAR CE’NEA: I think it was a combined effort there, Johan. We work well as a team!
DUNGEON MASTER: “There are three—one is an old dwarf, who was known as the Mosswater Marauder. There is the awful creep known as The Lopper. And then—she shudders—the Splatter Man.”
DUNGEON MASTER: “I do not know the details of these men. I am sure my husband kept records of them though—they may still be in once piece.” She points away to the south-east.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: “What can you tell us about these robed ones that whisper in the darkness? Do they still remain in this place or do they come and go from time to time?”
DUNGEON MASTER: “They left after they took my husband, and they have not returned. I do not think this place interestes them any longer.”
SOLAR CE’NEA: Would you like company my lady, is there anything we can do for you?
SOLAR CE’NEA: If we defeat the other 3 spirits will that free you?
DUNGEON MASTER: “I wish only to be with my husband again,” she replies sadly. “But killing the spirits will not free me—it is not them who imprison me, but I them.” Her smile is wry and despondant.
SOLAR CE’NEA: So if we can bring you something of your husbands than that would stop their presecnce here?
DUNGEON MASTER: “It may. Or maybe it would serve no other purpose than to bring comfort to a grieving widow. I do not know. But you must destroy these spirits first, and if you are going to do so then you must act soon. They are gaining power over me, and it will not be long before they escape.”
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: “We will do as you wish and destroy these spirits to prevent them from leaving this place and harming the townsfolk.”
DUNGEON MASTER: “Then may the gods bless you,” she replies.
SOLAR CE’NEA: We shall return my lady. But how do we get to the level below? the stairs were full of rubble, is there another way
DUNGEON MASTER: “There were two ways down to the level. One, my husband blocked himself before he died. There was a lift…” she points to the east “…I-I am sorry.” Tears stream down her cheeks. “It is burnt now, but there remains a hole that opens into the old dungeons.”
SOLAR CE’NEA: THank you my lady, We will leave you know and go to defeat the evil that resides here, fare thee well
DUNGEON MASTER: The party heads back out into the hallway, moving down to the next door, which is rotten and unlocked.
DUNGEON MASTER: This stark room contains a low stone bench against the north wall and a ruined desk to the west that sits under three narrow, barred windows. An old brass brazier lies on its side to the south, surrounded by several rusty branding irons.

[Perception, Please.]
SOLAR CE’NEA: Perception 1d20+1=5
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Perception check: 1d20+7 = 16
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: “Let’s check this place out. It might have some records the remain in the desk over there.”
DUNGEON MASTER: The heroes step into the room, but Johan stops short—the scent of burning flesh rises from the corner of the room.

[Initiative please.]
SOLAR CE’NEA: Ok but just watch the brazier and the branding Irons, if they are haunted, those could hurt!
DUNGEON MASTER: [Johan and the npc may act in the surprise round.]
SOLAR CE’NEA: Inititave 1d20+7=15
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Initiative check: 1d20+4 = 11

Solar: 15
Johan: 11
NPC: 10
Mesodias: 5]
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan rushes forward and strikes at the brazier before it has a chance to animate.
To Hit (greatsword): 1d20+6 = 23
Damage (greatsword): 2d6+6 = 14
DUNGEON MASTER: Johan’s attack does considerable damage to the Brazier, almost—but not competely—cleaving it in half.

Beside him, three branding irons glow bright red and lance through the air towards the heroes. Johan is fast enough to duck as the thing rushes past. Mesodias and Solar, however, are not so fortunate. Mesodias takes 5 points of damage and Solar takes 13 points of damage as the red-hot brands sink deep into the flesh on their foreheads.

As quickly as they appear, the hot brands cool and drop clattering to the floor.

[Off rounds.]
DUNGEON MASTER: Both Mesodias and Solar have a large, smoking, black ‘H’ in the middle of their foreheads.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan will use his greatsword to position the iron brands up against the stone wall so he can strike and break them in half.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar ask mesodius if he could heal them, and then once healed says, I will standat the door and disrupt dead at the brands…someone have the dorr ready to close and if they attack…close the door on them
DUNGEON MASTER: The irons are now cool and inanimate—they break easily under Johan’s heavy greatsword.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Mesodias channels a wave of healing energy: 1d6 = 4
DUNGEON MASTER: [200 xp each.]
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Mesodias will use another channel positive enegy to heal himself and Solar before they leave this room. Channel energy: 1d6 = 5
DUNGEON MASTER: Mesodias’ wounds are now completely healed, and Solar is still somewhat wounded but still in good shape. Both characters still have brands on their foreheads however—as large and as black as ever.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan will move over to inspect the desk as things in the room quiet down.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Soalr says to johan, I think if we had defetede the haunt our brands would have gone away. I am going to attack the brands with disrupt undead…prepare your self incase they retaliate
Solar aims at the Brands disrupt undead
Disrupt Undead – (Ranged Touch Attack)
1d20+3 =19

Damage 1d6=4 against undead
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: “Don’t you worry about me I’m ready for whatever it is that is still in here with us. Why don’t you show yourself?”
DUNGEON MASTER: Johan discovers nothing of interest in the desk, beyond a mouldy old ledger with pirsoners names and identiifcation numbers.

Meanwhile, Solar shoots blue rays around the room, trying to locate the source of the haunt. His efforts are met with no visible outcome, though.
DUNGEON MASTER: Solar also strikes the broken brands, with no visible effect.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Soalr then attempts to hit the brazier with disrupt undead
Solar aims at the Brands disrupt undead
Disrupt Undead – (Ranged Touch Attack)
1d20+3 =12
Damage 1d6=5 against undead
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: “I don’t see or sense anything untowards here. Whatever it is has decided to be a coward and hide from us. Quit playing games and let’s get this business over with.”
DUNGEON MASTER: Solar hits the brazier with his spell. There is no visible effect.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar finally aims disrupt undead at his own head to hit the H on his forehead
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan sighs as he is unable to provoke the spirit into releaving itself. “Are you guys ok with those brands? Are they affecting you in any way?”
DUNGEON MASTER: Solar’s ray strikes his forehead. He feels an odd tingle as the blue ray makes contact, but the others are able to quickly confirm that the big black H is still present.
SOLAR CE’NEA: I shall perhaps take some cloth and make a head scalf to cover the H, I don’t think we should be seen in town with these
DUNGEON MASTER: Having seen enough of this room, the heroes head out again into the hallway, making a left turn to stand before the door of the chamber that stands island-like in the middle of the level. Like the other doors, the door leading to this room is rotted and easily gives way.

Within, this chamber lies in shambles—old wooden benches lie in ruins along the walls, while rusty chains and bits of rotten rope lie scattered on the floor.
DUNGEON MASTER: [Perception, please.]
SOLAR CE’NEA: Perception 1d20+1=11
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Perception check: 1d20+7 = 17
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: “Something isn’t right, it feels like something weighting down my soul with an overwelming sense of sorrow.”
DUNGEON MASTER: A single set of clanking manacles rises up to levitate in the middle of the room.

[Initiative please.]
SOLAR CE’NEA: Initative 1d20+7=19
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Initiative check: 1d20+4 = 13
DUNGEON MASTER: [Solar, Johan, Mesodias, then the manacles.]
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar imeediately attacks the manicles disrupt undeadDisrupt Undead – (Ranged Touch Attack)
1d20+3 =15
Damage 1d6=5 against undead
DUNGEON MASTER: Solar’s attack strikes the manacles, and they fall right back to the floor with a noisy clatter.

[Off rounds.]
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan gives a sign of relief as he watches the manicles fall to the ground. “Nice shot.”
SOLAR CE’NEA: Well something had to finally go my way!!!
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan moves further into the room to poke around the rotting items discarded around the walls for anything of interest.
Perception check: 1d20+7 = 20
DUNGEON MASTER: [Oh, and take 135 xp each.]
SOLAR CE’NEA: SOlar does the same Perception 1d20+1=17
DUNGEON MASTER: Johan discovers bits of rope, several old manacles, and a number of rat droppings and cobwebs.
SOLAR CE’NEA: SOlar suggests the room opposite and has his crossbow out ready and is ready to cast a speel if necessary
DUNGEON MASTER: Next the party proceeds out across the hallway. The door to this room has fallen from its hinges. The rectangular chamber beyond seems to have once been a chapel, but now thick sheets of what appear to be cobwebs drape everything within in gossamer threads.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan peers into the room for any signs of large spiders or supernatural threats.
Perception check: 1d20+7 = 14
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar sends in 3 of his dancing lights
SOLAR CE’NEA: To explore the coreners of the roof and the floors
DUNGEON MASTER: Under the weird glow of Solar’s lights, Johan notices a single spider the size of his hand that quickly scuttles back into the webs out of sight.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: “Just a small spider. He has been busy down here. Let’s see if there is anything in here. Being the chapel it might have been protected from the evil spirits in this place.”
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan will cut his way through the cobwebs before moving further into the room.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar will come behind moving his lights around to make sure everything is lit up
SOLAR CE’NEA: with his crossbow at the ready
DUNGEON MASTER: Johan and Mesodias cut a path through the webs towards the center of the room, while Solar follows behind with the lights. It is thanks to the lights that everyone is able to see the massive webs suddenly heave, and thus it is that the party is not taken by surprise by the three wolf-sized spiders that suddenly emerge from the webs.
DUNGEON MASTER: [Initiative please.]
SOLAR CE’NEA: Iniative 1d20+7=25
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Initiative check: 1d20+4 = 14
DUNGEON MASTER: [Order of intiative:

Spiders: 15
Johan: 14
Mesodias: 5]
DUNGEON MASTER: [The party is in the center of the room, 15’ from the exit.]
SOLAR CE’NEA: Crossbow 1d20+4= 24
damage 1d8=8
Critical (19-20×2) 1d20+4=18
Extra Damage 1d8=4
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar aims at the closest spider that is not under cover
DUNGEON MASTER: Solar bullseyes the largest spider, which drops to the floor in a quivering heap.

Meanwhile the two other spiders drop down to attack, striking at both Johan and Mesodias with giant maws. Fortunatly, both attacks miss.

[Mesodias and Johan are both threatened.]
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan slashes at the cloest spider with his greatsword.
To Hit (greatsword): 1d20+6 = 18
Damage (greatsword): 2d6+6 = 14
DUNGEON MASTER: Johan hacks another spider to pieces.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Mesodias stalks one of the spiders before lashing out with a powerful blow.
To Hit (greatsword): 1d20+4 = 12
Damage (greatsword): 2d6+4 = 12
DUNGEON MASTER: Mesodias’ attack, although well-timed, does not account for the large strands of webbing which impede his blow, allowing the spider to scuttle to the side and avoid the attack.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar attacks with his crossbow but trying to aim and not hit Mesodias was too much for his simple skills and shoots widely off targer 1d20+4=6
DUNGEON MASTER: The spider lashes out again, striking Mesodias for one hp. Additionally, it injects its poison, but the hulking holy warrior manages to shake off its effect.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: “Stand still and just die!” Johan sweeps his greatsword in a downward arc towards the spider.
To Hit (greatsword): 1d20+6 = 12
Damage (greatsword): 2d6+6 = 12
DUNGEON MASTER: Johan’s attack just misses.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Mesodias grunts with what sounds like bestial anger as he slashes at the remaining spider once more.
To Hit (greatsword): 1d20+4 = 20
Damage (greatsword): 2d6+4 = 12
DUNGEON MASTER: Mesodias greatsword strikes the final beast down. All three spiders now lie in a gooey mess on the floor of the chapel.
DUNGEON MASTER: [Off rounds.]
SOLAR CE’NEA: SOlar suggest that they search in this area, there could be things of use in a temple perception 1d20+1=16
DUNGEON MASTER: In a cabinet covered with webs in the northwest wall, Solar finds a few religious supplies, including five vials of water, a scroll, and a 8" long bluish wooden stick.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar attmepts a knowledge religion check to see what the temple was set up to worship Religion1d20+6=23
DUNGEON MASTER: Judging by the trappings, this temple was dedicated to Pharasma
SOLAR CE’NEA: SoLar casts detect magic to try and identify the long blusih sticks



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